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Realistically, at some point in your dating life you'll probably find yourself in a "no labels" situation. Or do you just accept that it would be hard to keep it casual with someone who sits in your direct eyeline eight hours a day, and politely decline? But if he messages them afterwards, that makes me somewhat nervous. It implies there is a deeper level of feeling there than a one-night porking yes, I said porking. Still, each to their own.

No label dating: can you have love without commitment?

You went for that quick drink and The Shagger turned on the charm. You turn your phone off airplane mode to order a cab and a message from No Label pops up. Wanna hang out this weekend? She advises honestly saying: I may sleep with them. This is a conversation you need to keep having. But if you find yourself hiding things, half the battle is lost.

My stomach twisted in knots. Yes, an STI test is easy enough — but the emotional fallout is trickier to navigate. Here's more information and practical tips on STIs and staying safe during sex. Your thumb hovers ready to dispense a double-tap. But wait one second — whose arm is that, slung over their shoulder proprietorially, tanned and toned?

Do you unfollow them immediately and pretend you never saw it? Social media presents a good opportunity to define your relationship boundaries. Personally, I would go one step further and resist the urge to follow them in the first place. All it takes is one suspicious post to ruin all your label-free Zen. Your no label lover has been invited to a wedding and they want you to be their guest. Surely this is just an excuse to get tipsy and have a good time?

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Other people, including family, will be more accepting if you seem confident and at ease with your answers. I object because no one is offended by these terms. We talked to loads of Muslim and Jewish scholars, and none batted an eye at my usage; and it is particularly mad to think that Muslims might be offended by a reference to Jesus, when he is an important figure in Islam, and when many Muslims are baffled by this country's peculiar desire to exterminate cultural references to its Christian history. I should stress at this point that I do not object because I want to vindicate the literal truth of the Christian religion — since I am afraid my faith is like a very wonky aerial, and I sometimes find the signal pretty scratchy.

I object because it is all so darned nonsensical. There is no Eran religion, and no followers of Common. There was Christ, and if the BBC doesn't want to date events from the birth of Christ then it should abandon the Western dating system. Perhaps it should use the Buddhist calendar, which says that it is the 2,th year since the nirvana of Lord Buddha. Perhaps it should have a version of the old Roman calendar, and declare that this is the fourth year of the fourth consulship of Silvio Berlusconi.

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It could say that this year was 13,, or whatever since the Big Bang, or maybe the BBC should switch to the Mayan calendar and announce that is the year 1 BC — before the catastrophe that is meant to engulf the planet. But if the BBC is going to continue to put MMXI at the end of its programmes — as I think it does — then it should have the intellectual honesty to admit that this figure was not plucked from nowhere. We don't call it because it is years since the Chinese emperor Ai was succeeded by the Chinese emperor Ping though it is ; nor because it is years since Ovid wrote the Ars Amatoria.

The Best of First Dates: The MOST Adorable Moments!

It is years since the presumed birth of Christ. I object to this change because it reflects a pathetic, hand-wringing, Lefty embarrassment about thousands of years of cultural dominance by the West. The simple fact is that the Roman empire was programmatic of most of our modern global civilisation, and the decision by Constantine in AD to make Christianity the official religion was one of the most important moments in the history of that empire.

BC or BCE? The BBC's edict on how we date events is AD (absolute drivel) - Telegraph

That is why we have used this system for 1, years and more, and that is why it is accepted in China, Japan and just about anywhere you care to mention that this is the year The BBC needs to stop spending time and money on this sort of footling political correctness. Someone needs to get out down the corridor and find the individual who passed this edict and give him or her a figurative kick in the pants.

You’re still technically single, right?

I know it sounds like a trivial thing to get worked up about, but one trivial thing leads to another. Let's fight this Beeb drivel now. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. Thursday 17 January