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January 17, by Christopher Renstrom Posted at 8: Not the day to trust your reliable sources. Either they're too enamored of a situation or they haven't researched matters thoroughly. You're on your own with this one. Things aren't in the bag. In fact there's a very large cat that's struggling to get out. January 16, by Christopher Renstrom Posted at 8: Be open to others' input today because there's wisdom where you least expect to find it.

Your unflinching refusal to back down will get you through this trying period. Standing your ground expresses true power and strength. January 15, by Christopher Renstrom Posted at 8: Pointing out deficiencies never encouraged anyone. You have confidence to go after that dream job or move to a new city or start a new life or just go after the things you normally wouldn't do, because you were afraid. It takes away that fear.

We know you have a lot of dating rules, but what are some that women should forget about? But I need to go right now. A vibrator, but hide it.

Dating Tips: The Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger Love Advice for Women | Shape Magazine

What is the best way to make a lasting impression after a first date? I hate when a man gives me a weak handshake too. Get out of there. Once you get his number, get the hell out and be a mystery. Season 2, Episode 9 Clips. The stakes are high for these recruits. They have one night, one shot, at impressing Claudia. A good first impression is all it takes. Who will win Claudia's heart? Million Dollar Matchmaker Candace's Recap: Candace is not only a good matchmaker, but also a good friend. Catch her recap on the latest episode of Million Dollar Matchmaker featuring the two Real Housewives!

Dating Under the Influence Web Exclusives. Drinking on the first date is almost inevitable, but that doesn't mean you need to let the booze loose. Drink responsively and stay classy!

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Take Candace's advice on how to handle your alcohol AND your date. Marcellas' close up proves to be too much and fails his first love lesson. Patti's tough love only makes matters worse and pushes him to the edge. Can Patti and Candace break Marcellas' bad habits and find him true love? But when the recruitment effort goes adrift, Maxwell gets the brunt of the blame!

Can Patti find Donna's bae or will they leave her high and dry? Your Date's Outfit Web Exclusives. Don't know what he or she truly thinks of you?

Well, outfits can say a lot about a person. Take Maxwell's word for it! Follow his guide on how to interpret your date's clothing on the first date.

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Catch Candace's recap on the latest episode of MDM with a sweet, bad boy junkie and a materialistic insta-star. Looks like Chris isn't so flashy and superficial after all! Only Patti has the power to mend the hearts of the millionaire baddies. Tiffany and Christopher walk out of the Millionaire's Club as changed man and woman with perfect dates in their hands.

Patti is in for a big challenge with a Baywatch babe who hasn't been dating for 10 years and a hot-tempered celeb stylist. Who's going to drown? First Date Tips Web Exclusives. You heard here first! It's the Era of Elegance. But don't worry, because Maxwell is back with his best fashion advice so you're always dressed accordingly!

Money can't buy you happiness and social media addict Christopher knows it best. Patti drags him out to the real world to help him find real love! No more bad boys for Tiffany! Patti is bringing a buffet of hot and sweet guys to the mingle, but will Tiffany find Mr. Right or go back to her old ways?

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Walking away with or without a date, Patti's words of wisdom always stay! Both Shawn and Monie learn so much at the Millionaire's Club.

Find Mr. Right: Patti Stanger’s Top Dating Tips

Candace is hyped when she matches two virgin "unicorns" and meets her favorite childhood idol at the Millionaire's Club! Do this thirst trap chaser and bad boy magnet have what it takes to find true love? Patti is the best matchmaker in the country and this week she is out to find Monie's picture perfect guy.