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  1. Men Are Just As Picky As Women About Who They’d Date—If They’re the Ones Being Pursued
  2. Are Men Picky Daters?

Men Are Just As Picky As Women About Who They’d Date—If They’re the Ones Being Pursued

This minimum level of physical attractiveness varies from man to man, but all men have their bottom line, and as long as a woman meets or exceeds it, that man will feel the physical urge to be with her. Generally speaking, the more attractive a woman is, the more social status she will give the man who sleeps, dates or enters into a relationship with her. Men know this, which is why most men want to be with the most attractive women possible, even if he shares a more powerful connection with less physically attractive women.

Are Modern Women Too Picky Or Modern Men Too Thirsty?

These are the facts. Is it your physical drive to be with anyone who meets your minimum standards, or is it your mental desire to accumulate social status by landing the hottest possible partner? In reality, I really did not know what I wanted. I meet a lot of singles that seem to have the same problem as I did. Recently we hosted a focus group at the JCrush headquarters, which consisted of single New Yorkers between the ages of What I realized after speaking to this group of single men and women for almost two hours was that the reason they were single was because most of them were too picky.

A photo posted by gay couples gaycouplee on Nov 18, at 8: For example, if you live in Manhattan and you say that you will never date anybody who lives in Brooklyn, then this is a big loss for you.

Are Men Picky Daters?

I know so many stories of girls who met guys that did not live in the city, but after dating and falling in love, they ended up getting an apartment together in the city. So you see, first you have to give the other person and your relationship a chance and living arrangements can be figured out together later.

  1. Are Men Picky Daters?.
  2. Men are picky about dating, too | The Hathor Legacy?
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Well, if you have a list of 20 non-negotiables, cut it down to right now. Pick the top 3 qualities that are most important to you. Nobody owes you anything just because you want it. Basically, yes, that was my point.

get link And I made it in reaction to one little word in the comment I orignially reacted to — I just have been told too many times that either things will turn out just fine if I am patient or that it is basically my fault that I do not have a partner by people in other places. Let me direct you to an article that shows you just how much a problem this is on this site, because people cannot be bothered to read, but feel entitled to mouth off.

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  • Are Men Picky Daters?.
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  • Honestly, all your comments should not have been approved. From now on, people, seriously. This kind of derailment based on people assuming everything is directed at them personally is just not advancing the plot. The same goes for matrimonial sites where men are overly picky about the women.


    Men who make a lot of money, have successful careers, and average looking do turn down very good women who are average looking because these men want a trophy wife. These men want that image that they have it all so they pursue attractive women using their money and success. Many of these types of men get screwed in court when their pretty wife takes their assets and goes off with a attractive man or cheats with a attractive male while staying married to the average looking successful man.