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And if you do get into difficulties, you need to know that there is someone who can bring you back to safety. Bringing together entrepreneurs and investors from all corners of the globe. Even after the military defeat of ISIS, the Netherlands will continue working to ensure security and stability in Iraq and the The Global Entrepreneurship Summit GES will connect entrepreneurs from all over the globe to the most influential The Netherlands will be taking on an even greater role in helping developing countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and In the first week of June the Netherlands will be buzzing with excitement as it is transformed into a global hub for Ministry of Foreign Affairs You are here: Download this video MP4 Video Video Today, the whole world seems just one click away.

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One click that removes borders and connects us. Making the world smaller and our world bigger.

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But that can make us feel vulnerable, as we face the unknown. Events happening far away, feel closer to home. And I can be pretty sure it will open with a story about migration. And that togetherness is the key to our success right now. We know that what we have learned here, can be of great value elsewhere.

Felix Hoogveld Ambassador to South Sudan: The Netherlands can help because we have the know-how to develop the area. That that are places in the world, where human rights are at stake.

The best dating site in the Netherlands

Sebastiaan van der Zwaan Director Justice and Peace: If human rights defenders are under pressure in their own country we step in to help. As part of our Shelter City initiative we offer them temporary shelter in the Netherlands. Justice and Peace works closely with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

We know there are people fighting for freedom, and that we need to protect them. We want to cross borders to share what we are good at with the rest of the world. The Dutch are at the forefront for setting the world on a new pathway for a sustainable future.

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If we work together, we can achieve more. Without the result being at the expense of others. We want our company to grow. We want to make an impact.